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Based at Terrouges Equestre, Jessie van Eck takes horses of varying levels (from backing of youngsters to older horses with more particular problems to correct) in training, for periods ranging from a few days to months at a time. Jessie is also able to travel to yards in Pretoria to school your horse.

Before moving overseas to further her riding career, at a junior level Jessie has represented and achieved provincial colours for Dressage and Showing. In 2005 Jessie obtained her BA in Fine Art's degree from the University of Pretoria and subsequently her BA degree in Visual Brand Communication. Jessie worked at TBWA as an Art Director in Paris before returning to South Africa for a position as a Creative Director in Johannesburg.

With respect to riding, Jessie trained in Portugal, Germany, Belgium and ultimately worked for Michel and Catherine Henriquet - part of the French Olympic team for dressage and the French Grand Prix dressage Champion 2013, ( for over a year where she learned to ride with lightness, according to Classical Dressage principles. Michel Henriquet was a student of the highly respected Nuno Oliveira, a master in the art of riding with lightness. Jessie still goes back to Europe on a yearly basis to further her training and has been trained to ride all dressage movements up to Grand Prix level as well as the art of schooling these movements.

Jessie and Callaho's Furieux are the 2016 Mini Derby Winners for both best rider and best horse. Jessie and Callaho's Furieux are also the 2015 Gauteng Reserve Champion for Elementary.

Jessie can be contacted on 074 752 3411 or via email to inquire about your horse or pony's backing or schooling in all levels. 



6 Months or longer

This is the ideal option to move your horse up through the levels



1- 6 Months

Horses are stabled at Terrouges while any training issues are worked through or new movements schooled.



Book a boot camp

Schooling and owner lessons combination, stabling available at the yard.

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