Terrouges Equestre:

,stabling, horse training and schooling,Pretoria East

Terrouges Equestre has a number of horses and ponies both available for half stabling and for sale.

Why half stable?

Half stabling is an ideal way to ease the monthly financial costs of owning a horse while still being able to enjoy the benefits of horse ownership such as having access to the horse or pony outside of lesson times as well as show participation.
What does half stabling a Terrouges horse or pony entail?

Half stabling is all-inclusive rate of R2000.00 per month, which includes:

10% discount on all lessons
Veterinary costs (except in the case of obvious negligence from the rider)
Use of saddle, bridle, boots and blankets
Dentistry, tick treatments, wound treatments, mane and tail washing/conditioning, all minor daily cares...
Saddling and unsaddling by a groom on request
Farrier, Saddle fitting, necessary supplements, de-worming
AHS vac, tetanus Vac, proteq flu
Extra feed like lucerne

Although Terrouges will have priority use of the horse or pony, the half- stabler can have use of the horse/pony 4 days a week and may  participate in shows on that horse. We would still use the horse in lessons on days / at times that you are not riding. Half -stabler's need to have at least one lesson a week with one of the Terrouges' instructors in order to be able to half stable a Terrouges' horse/pony

Chabal's Dimaggio

For sale. Price on request. Good home only.
Good paces and enthusiastic.
16 hh, 7 year old, Grey Gelding. Jumping 90 cm and competing at Elementary Medium Dressage Level. Qualified and placed at SANESA Nationals 2013 (Prix Caprilli).
Will suit a confident, competitive rider.

Shazli Irish Sunsation

At her last show in Advanced level. Now retired as a broodmare. In foal to Five Star (Florestan/Wenkstern)

Shazli Irish Sunseeker

Available for half stabling:

Chestnut Mare, 16hh

Schooled and competing at Elementary- Medium Dressage Level

Eager to please and places at shows

Suitable for an advanced rider wanting to improve and gain competition experience.


Available for half stabling:
Bay Gelding, 15.1 hh. Boerperd.
Will suit beginner to advanced rider
Very forgiving horse, who will try and help the rider where possible. Presents well at shows and has successfully competed at his first Prelim show.

Available for half stabling:
Dark bay, Gelding, 15.3 hh. Friesian x Saddler.

Accomplished school master, schooled up to Elementary dressage movements and carriage driving, jumping up to 1m at home. Very confident on out rides, not spooky and has competed at various shows.

Suitable for a beginner to advanced level rider looking to improve.


Available for half stabling:
Bay, Arabian Cross Gelding, 14.2 hh
Zaheet is forward-going with a sweet nature and very eager to please. He is a good all-rounder, jumps 90cm and loves outrides

Ilizwe Moonsong

Available for half stabling:
Chestnut mare, 15,2 hh. Registered Arabian.
Suitable for beginner rider, under saddle and carriage driving.
Moonsong has been part of Terrouges for many years and has competed in showing, dressage and carriage driving. Moonsong is a reliable horse used for carriage driving lessons and children's pony lessons. Forward going and has a sweet nature.


Nutmeg is a Palamino coloured children's pony who has taught many little ones to ride. She is 12hh and loves to be cuddled.


Currently being half stabled:
Ginger is one of the very first Terrouges' residents and most riders have started on her. She is a perfect school pony with a little bit of spice!


Available for half stabling:
Shadock is a very willing, 14,3 hh Boerperd gelding who came from the Cape with his brothers
Good temperament, good paces for Dressage and loves outrides.
Shadok is suited for a strong-willed rider who likes to do a bit of everything without thinking twice. He likes a challenge and will follow his rider everywhere!


Available for half stabling:
Forward-going and very affectionate, Brubeck enjoys jumping and is perfectly suited for a rider who likes a challenge.